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Looking for a Bournemouth-based video producer with BBC experience? I can create quality short films and adverts on a budget.

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Want portraits, professional head shots or a Dorset-based events photographer? I can also create high quality images of your product or service for adverts.

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About Me.

Interviewed for university science fair, Oxford.

Since graduating from the University of Bristol in 2008, I've worked for six years in creative disciplines and spent more than two years in postgraduate studies. I was in TV for five years, working my way from field assistant in Alaska to a full time editor on the BBC's One Show. I then studied for a MSc in Biotechnology (Distinction) at Oxford Brookes University, where I subsequently researched the genetics of seed formation for a year. Since then, I've spent 15 months in content management roles, making videos, taking photos and writing for publications and websites.

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“What an incredible video! This is wonderful. Everyone should drop what they’re doing and watch it now!”
— Arts Organisation, Oxfordshire (2016)
Your insight and comment yesterday is the single most useful thing ever posted... You have absolute scope to lead us to better brand positioning.
— CEO, Bournemouth (2017)


How to go viral.

There's no easy formula for cooking up viral content, otherwise everyone would be doing it. But you can hire someone with experience of producing hits, to help your chances.



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Political Website (250,000 views)

I designed and built an independent political website for the General Election. This research-heavy project resulted in a site which largely presented sourced facts, statistics, newspaper headlines and opinions. The website saw approximately 250,000 unique visitors during the election cycle. The site was picked up by two national newspapers and still averages more than 50 unique hits per day (as of August 2017).

Educational Videos (200,000 minutes watched)

At ChooseWisely.co.uk I co-wrote, directed, filmed and edited a series of educational videos (see Video section below), which were then placed as pre-roll content on YouTube. These adverts were designed to make viewers aware of our comparison website and increase our brand authority. For a fraction of our monthly marketing budget, they were seen over 150,000 times. The average viewer watched 1 minute 24 seconds of a video, but these adverts could be skipped after 5 seconds.

Human Interest Stories (1,600 views)

In 2017, I published two human interest, magazine-style articles about a couple of my friends, using the blogging platform Medium. Despite no paid publicity, the top article received over 1300 views, while the other article received over 300 views.






With approximately 600 pupils attending the school, any content with more than a few hundred views was chalked up as a viral success. Videos were produced to raise awareness of the school, as it wasn't well-known to pupils and parents in the local area. I was employed as the Communications Officer, and, before my tenure, videos formed only a minor part of the marketing strategy.

Leavers' Video (1,600 views)

Taking only a few hours to film and edit, this video was co-produced with a teacher. It was intended to be shared among students in Sixth Form and shown at their graduation ball. However, this feel-good, viral-style handheld video reached many more people than anticipated.

Sing Up Day Video (6,500 views)

The national singing celebration, Sing Up Day, is held every year and primary school pupils learn a new song for each event. I identified this as an opportunity for viral success due to the view count of the previous year's video. However, my 2016 version eclipsed the traffic of the previous and subsequent year's films, reaching more than three times as many people.


2015 & earlier

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Reddit (3,500,000 views)

Two of my posts on Reddit have shot all the way to the front page of the site, which gets millions of hits each day. Both of these posts were of my own images (shown here), hosted on Imgur, which allowed me to track the view count. The total views for these two images combined was in excess of 3.5 million.